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Country Chinese Taipei
Year 2024
Client Hsing Tian Kong Culture and Education Foundation Inc.
Affiliation HomeYoung Interior Design Co., Ltd.
Designer Cheng Hui Hsin
English "Talking about a book helps a child find the heart of a story,make sense of a string of facts, and understand complicated ideas."Reading and discussing with teachers and parents can make it more profound for children.Therefore,we create an educational place where children can learn autonomously and happily.Using the benches with different heights to enable children of all ages and heights to participate in learning and interacting with each other.In addition,though the interactive exhibition boards that can be freely flipped,children can absorb the meaning of character education naturally,then gradually condense their own views about stories.
Native “談論一本書可以幫助孩子找到故事的核心,理解一系列事實,並理解複雜的想法。”英國童書作家aidan chambers在他的著作《Tell Me:Children, Reading and Talk》中,曾提及到與他人共同閱讀的過程對於兒童學習發展的影響力。由此可了解到透過與老師、家長及圖書館員與兒童之間的共讀、討論,可使閱讀對於孩子產生更深遠的意義,因此設計師期望在此打造一個使孩童自主並愉快學習的教育場所。 在說故事空間中,運用高低落錯差長凳座椅,使各年齡身高的孩童能一同參與學習互動。另外,如果需要較寬闊的活動空間時,大小各異的長凳可相互堆疊收納成最小體積,最大範圍地騰出寬敞的場地。使管理單位可在有限的空間中,配合不同說故事活動的型態,變換出多樣化的空間使用彈性。 而在兒童品格互動展區中,設計師創造了可自由翻轉的互動展板與多媒體展牆,使孩童透過觸覺、光影、聲音的五感體驗,自然而然地吸收行天宮文教基金會所希望傳達之品格教育的真正意義,打破以往被認為較為嚴肅的教育題材,以創新的設計手法,鼓勵孩童敞開心胸,從愉快、趣味的體驗過程中,逐漸凝聚自己對品德故事的觀點和想法。 整體空間調性結合了溫潤童趣的空間線條,以及行天宮文教精神的穩重內斂,選材上採用了灰色調搭配暖色調木皮,呈現純粹且乾淨的自然氛圍,營造出適合親子共讀與互動的安心感,並引導觀展者潛靜心靈,進入文化與品格的精神旅行。
Website www.homeyoung.com.tw
Positive Comments
Judging Comments This educational space received acclaim for its innovative approach to learning, fostering autonomy and joy in children's exploration of literature. By incorporating benches of varying heights and interactive exhibition boards, it encourages participation across different ages, promoting peer interaction and natural absorption of character education. This design effectively facilitates a deeper understanding and personal interpretation of stories among young learners.
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