Extra Form
Country China
Year 2023
Affiliation Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts
Designer Miao Jingyi, Zou Hu
English Hometown is the mother of life and the place to shape one’s personality. As an old Chinese saying goes, the soil of each place has its own way of supporting its own people. This design uses the soil of different people's hometowns as materials, and combines local plants, crops and clothing to make name seals. When people put stamps on paper, they present their names with their own native soil in hands, so that they can integrate with their hometowns in a loving way. Build a seal of personality with the soil of hometown, and cherish the love of hometown with the stamp of name.
Native 故乡,是孕育生命之母,是塑造人格之地。正所谓一方水土养一方人,成人后离乡背井,四海漂泊,却抹不去心头的挂念。 本设计用不同人的故乡土壤作为原材料,结合当地的植物、农作物或衣物做成他们的姓名印章,由于印章具有本土特色,具有很强的识别性与独特美感。当人们在纸上盖下印章时,手握着乡土,用乡土勾画出自己的名字,让人们与故乡以温情的方式融合一体。以故乡之土筑个性之章,以留名之印怀家乡之情。 当不同的印章展现在人们眼前时,仿佛置身于这些美丽的地方,有的是沿海的陆地,有的是肥沃的黑土地,有的是贫瘠的黄土高坡。 本设计选用纯天然粘合剂,100%可降解,绿色环保,整体材料从土壤中来,最终归于土壤,对环境十分友好。
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