Extra Form
Country China Hong Kong
Year 2023
Affiliation Ddiin Concept Limited Co., Ltd.
Designer Sofia Lee Pik Shan
English Drawing compasses has a needle that perforates the drawing material. It is created for drawing circles, ellipses, pentagram, hexagon as well as geometry with golden ratio. It can be fixed on the drawing material by a set of reusable nano stickers that leave no marking on the paper. It is designed to allow users to alter the eccentricity as well as the dimensions of the major and minor axis of the ellipse. It is capable of drawing ellipses of over 100 sizes and circles of over 50 dimensions with golden ratio. It is made of either aerospace aluminium or stainless steel. Manufactured by CNC machining which is high accuracy and error-free.
Native 現今市面上的圓規都帶有針,容易弄穿紙張。為解決傳統圓規刺穿紙張的問題,我們設計了EXLICON。 EXLICON是一件整合各種幾何圖形的繪畫工具。傳統的圓規只局限於繪畫圓形,未能繪畫橢圓形。市面上的橢圓尺亦不容許用家隨意改變橢圓形的離隨心率,大大限制設計師的創作。EXLICON由圓底、長尺、短尺及水滴形磁性尺組成。設計師可以自由組合工具,再根據底座上的標記,繪畫出需要的形狀。設計師可繪畫超過50 個不同黃金比例的圓形、100 個以上不同大小的橢圓形、正五邊形和正六邊形(15mm-310mm)。長尺及水滴形尺亦可獨立使用。產品採用不銹鋼及航空鋁材,有助提高耐用性和生命週期。產品的體積小。零件可拆及易安裝,方便攜帶。
Website www.ddiin.com
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