Extra Form
Country China
Year 2024
Affiliation CHIEN Architects
Designer Changching Chien
English Space is the soul of design, and the shape of light determines the spatial expression, material, texture and spiritual existence Shadow is the dialogue between space and light, between the virtual and the real, giving the space a real sense of time, vitality and visual tension Abandoning the tofu-cutting method of space division, abandoning the traditional definition of "useless" space, integrating "less" into "multi-use" space, blurring the boundaries between spaces, and creating a transitional gray space Design is not limited to appearance, but also grows and evolves with the passage of time, returning to the essence of space
Native Am 6:30 晨曦洒上整栋坐落在河旁的建筑 罗杰斯为宁波东部新城留下的秘宝就此苏醒 Am 7:00 三面通透的大露台 顶上那标志性红色大三角 错落有致的天际线 与都市保持若即若离的关系 Am 8:00麻雀在枝头欢叫 斑驳树影映在水面 帝宝纯粹的色调创造出极致的空间边界 Am 9:00过道尽头 嫩黄的弧形沙发 地毯上《沙之未来》被阳光分割 Am 11:00 依偎在柔软的沙发 他把玩着手中木串 紫檀木香气沁人心脾 Am 12:45客餐厅宽敞明亮 下沉吊顶悄然分割空间 银色竖线背景又使其再次融合 洄游动线消除界线感 Pm 1:45书房 悬挂式墨色吊顶奠定基础 一抹俏皮蓝晕打破常规 Pm 2:25横向木质格栅增添些许私密 流水茶香浸满茶室 Pm 3:00布朗蛋糕儿子最爱 灰质大理石台面 半悬空设计 灵感来自于甜点工具 Pm 4:00整个客厅连同纵向链接走廊盖上光的涟漪 窗框倒影切割出多个空间 Pm 5:00 柔光穿梭于微隙 纤绝尘陌 呢喃天真 Pm 6:00感慨时间流逝变迁 身后整排透明酒柜则为友情背景板 Pm 7:30房间内宁静而专注的氛围 空间与阅读世界融为一体 Pm 8:00踱步走向浴室 水雾将空间划分出不同功能区 赋予整个空间以宁静与和谐 Pm 8:45室内光线昏暗 静谧而舒适 在喧嚣中找寻片刻宁静与放松 Am 0:00弥漫芳香 靠窗熏香与床头花朵 混合的迷人香味 伴随微弱的月光 沉浸思绪 Am  1:23午夜梦回 屋内安静
Positive Comments
Judging Comments The design excellently manipulates light and shadow to define spatial experiences, moving beyond traditional segmentation to create multifunctional and transitional areas. It emphasizes the fluidity and adaptability of spaces, focusing on the essence of spatial design over time.
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  1. House with skip terrace

  2. LHarmonie Oceanique

  3. Red Moon

  4. KYF Office

  5. Light and Sense

  6. The community library of sunset impression

  7. Kamakura country Club Renovation

  8. MACIO G Series Ladies Dressing Room

  9. Hair room TOARU


  11. Room With A View

  12. Enchanting Haven

  13. That is good enough

  14. Exclusive Aesthetics

  15. Revamp HK Intangible Cultural Heritage Centre

  16. Playground for Preschoolers

  17. CRRC History Cultural Street Exhibition Hall


  19. The Heart Of It All

  20. A hundred flavors

  21. Perth Apartment

  22. Gu Bei Private Residence

  23. Timemory

  24. Subtle lighting


  26. Hue Memorial park BonHyangJeon

  27. Red brick Courtyard House

  28. Lively Classic

  29. Tower in the Cloud

  30. Tan Charm Geometric Feature

  31. Keep Feeling Art Center


  33. Wenxi Yihaoyuan Clubhouse

  34. KZ MOBILITY Parking Lot

  35. Future Deja Vu

  36. CRRC Tianjin Jin Pu City Exhibition Hall

  37. line in old town

  38. Sunshine Rhythm

  39. Hsing Tian Kong Moral Education Classroom

  40. Pingtungs Civic Park Inclusive Playground

  41. Wabi sabi Elegance


  43. Bellagio

  44. Pandora Box


  46. Between line and structure

  47. Sparkling cloud

  48. Divine Afflatus

  49. 17th MIDNIGHT

  50. Pink Dream

  51. Lingering Scent of Tea

  52. 75 Degree White

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