Pink Dream

Extra Form
Country China
Year 2024
Client Jinlu Tobacco and Wine Co., Ltd.
Affiliation Dayi Design Co., Ltd.
Designer Zhou Yi, Chang Jingliang
English Bright pink tiles were placed outside the glass, creating a Moroccan style color wall that not only blocks the view but also does not affect the lighting. In terms of interior treatment, in line with the concept of bringing a sense of vacation into daily life, and catering to the commercial needs of tobacco and alcohol, the space is created with an overall tone that is bright, open, relaxed and comfortable. In addition, the Moroccan element carvings on the ceiling, the black and white checkerboard pattern on the floor, and the tropical plants in the sunny drink area weave exotic imagination into the modern space, adding diverse charm.
Native 基于原始建筑的大片窗体,设计师保留了阳光房结构,如同为礼物包裹上精致的花纸般,在玻璃外垒起亮粉色的花砖,摩洛哥风情的彩墙便跃然于此,既起到遮挡作用,又不影响采光,还产生虚实相生的美感,凸显于周遭环境,成为引人瞩目的标志物。然而,这样的呈现方式并非仅仅是为了满足视觉的冲击力,其功能上也颇具“玄机”。首先,回收再利用的花砖,不仅低成本完成了对阳光房的加固,同时,也是对绿色可持续发展理念的有力回应。就外部而言,它宛如枢纽一般担当了整个建筑的“玄关”,起到为两侧入口导流的作用。就内部而言,它既是含蓄内敛的,也是交流渗透的,使室内享受阳光与保持私密性并行不悖。 在室内的处理上,本着将度假感带入生活日常的理念,并迎合烟酒的商业需求,将空间打造为明快敞亮、轻松惬意的总体调性。另外,饰以天花板的摩洛哥元素雕花、铺设地面的黑白棋盘格,阳光饮品区的热带植物……为现代的空间编织异域想象,增添多元化魅力。狭长的岛台贯穿整体,维持空间通透的同时,联动烟酒售卖区和咖啡饮品区两个功能区域。 亮丽的色彩、别致的花案、葱郁的热带绿植交织出生命力,通透延伸的空间、随性的台阶座位营造为松弛感,令人恍若置身一次足不出户的旅行。置身此地,看花砖将阳光筛漏成格子形状,悠悠爬上白墙,通过唤醒度假记忆,提醒人们在平淡的日子去观察微小的幸福,即使身处黑暗也要凝望天光。
Positive Comments
Judging Comments The design successfully integrates the vibrant essence of Moroccan style with a modern commercial space, creating an inviting and exotic atmosphere. Through the strategic use of bright pink tiles, intricate ceiling carvings, and a black and white checkerboard floor pattern, it offers customers a unique and relaxing shopping experience. The addition of tropical plants further enhances the vacation-like ambiance, making it a standout project for its ability to blend cultural elements with commercial functionality.
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