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Country China Hong Kong
Year 2024
Client Intangible Cultural Heritage Office
Affiliation Daydreamers Design
Designer SIU Kwok Kin Stanley
English The "Lost and Sound Exhibition Series" aims to showcase the continuous evolution of intangible cultural heritage (ICH) over time as a symbol of cultural inheritance, and to re-interpret local traditional culture in an innovative way. The ICH items are presented in the exhibition according to four types of sounds. The sounds of ICH items produced a century ago still linger in people’s ears. The techniques passed on from generation to generation are linked by their sounds. The ways of the world and relationships change over time, but the ingenuity and perseverance behind ICH items will endure for many years.
Native 為了給觀眾一個既豐富又具啟發性的參觀體驗,位於三棟屋博物館的香港非遺中心於2020年底展開大型展覽更新工作,是啓用以來最大規模的一次。「循聲覓道展覽系列—:香港節慶與民間工藝」旨在展示非物質文化遺產(非遺)作為文化傳承的象徵,隨著時代不斷向前演進,並以嶄新、創意的方式重新演繹本地傳統文化,以聲響敲動參觀者的心靈,以吟誦傳遞前人的智慧。是次展覽將非遺項目以四類聲音串連起來,包括「嗓」、「器」、「軀」及「景」,分別指喉嚨發聲、工具於製作過程所產生的碰撞聲、身體動作發出的聲響,以及在不同慶典場合所聽到的喧鬧聲。非遺的聲音歷經百載,至今仍縈繞耳畔,連繫著代代相傳的技藝。世態人情隨時間而演變,惟非遺項目背後的匠心和堅毅卻經年不變。
Website www.icho.hk/en/web/icho/home.html
Positive Comments
Judging Comments The "Lost and Sound Exhibition Series" was highly praised for its innovative approach to preserving and showcasing intangible cultural heritage through the universal medium of sound. By categorizing ICH items according to their auditory characteristics, the exhibition not only captures the essence of traditional culture but also highlights the enduring nature of craftsmanship and cultural inheritance across generations, offering a unique and immersive experience for visitors.
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  1. House with skip terrace

  2. LHarmonie Oceanique

  3. Red Moon

  4. KYF Office

  5. Light and Sense

  6. The community library of sunset impression

  7. Kamakura country Club Renovation

  8. MACIO G Series Ladies Dressing Room

  9. Hair room TOARU


  11. Room With A View

  12. Enchanting Haven

  13. That is good enough

  14. Exclusive Aesthetics

  15. Revamp HK Intangible Cultural Heritage Centre

  16. Playground for Preschoolers

  17. CRRC History Cultural Street Exhibition Hall


  19. The Heart Of It All

  20. A hundred flavors

  21. Perth Apartment

  22. Gu Bei Private Residence

  23. Timemory

  24. Subtle lighting


  26. Hue Memorial park BonHyangJeon

  27. Red brick Courtyard House

  28. Lively Classic

  29. Tower in the Cloud

  30. Tan Charm Geometric Feature

  31. Keep Feeling Art Center


  33. Wenxi Yihaoyuan Clubhouse

  34. KZ MOBILITY Parking Lot

  35. Future Deja Vu

  36. CRRC Tianjin Jin Pu City Exhibition Hall

  37. line in old town

  38. Sunshine Rhythm

  39. Hsing Tian Kong Moral Education Classroom

  40. Pingtungs Civic Park Inclusive Playground

  41. Wabi sabi Elegance


  43. Bellagio

  44. Pandora Box


  46. Between line and structure

  47. Sparkling cloud

  48. Divine Afflatus

  49. 17th MIDNIGHT

  50. Pink Dream

  51. Lingering Scent of Tea

  52. 75 Degree White

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