Extra Form
Country China
Year 2024
Client VANKE
Affiliation DAS DESIGN
English The design started from thinking about the contemporary nature of Hakka architecture. It used reorganized "bricks" as materials and enlarged the shape. In the front coffee space, "light bricks" were introduced to occupy the space - the scale is low-scale; new materials were introduced in the book bar area, which is consistent with The edge limits of the lamps form a "brick" boundary - high-scale, in response to the direct feeling that the site brings to us. The coexistence of old and new, similarities and differences is demonstrated through form, material, color and detail.
Native 随着时代更迭,都市面貌的日新月异,DAS 大森设计因地制宜,对客家本土文化、社区体验、人居空间进行深刻探索,不断挖掘用户的“在地认同”,为客家文化找到一种更契合当下的表达。修旧如旧,在修缮过程中保留古建筑原有结构和形状,同时加入新元素、新材料,打造传统与现代的碰撞空间。 设计始于对客家建筑当代性的思考,以重组“砖”为材料、放大形体,在前场咖啡空间介入“光砖”占据空间——规为低尺度;在书吧区域介入新材料,与灯具的边缘限位形成“砖”边界——规为高尺度,以此回应场地带给我们的直接感受。通过形式、材料、色彩和细节展示出新旧与异同的共存,温暖的木色沉淀光阴质感,依旧维持温润的整体风范。从立面到顶面的人字结构延伸,天花木板秩序铺设重叠造就光砖造型,与满墙书架陈列相呼应,也赋予其中文化涵韵的无限延伸。 进入此空间的读者放下包袱,以平和敬畏之心看待眼前的客家建筑,让民俗文化在这里沉淀。挑高的空间和满墙的书柜合二为一,卡座的软包舒缓了夯土墙体带来的硬朗感,包裹性的空间内给来客十足的安全感,为阅读提供了更好的体验。 在这里,回归于此时此地,回归于理想化的生活,回归于日常化的场景,共同追问着社区的未来走向。
Positive Comments
Judging Comments The VANKE FOLK CUSTOM LIBRARY by DAS DESIGN was awarded a 'Gold Winner' at the Asia Design Prize 2024 for its innovative reinterpretation of traditional Hakka architecture. The jury was impressed by the creative use of reorganized "bricks" as a central material, effectively blending the old with the new. The introduction of "light bricks" in the coffee space and new materials in the book bar area, each reflecting different scales and textures, showcases a thoughtful approach to design that respects the site's heritage while inviting modernity. The project's success lies in its ability to showcase the coexistence of old and new through form, material, color, and detail, achieving a harmonious balance that captivated the judges.
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