Extra Form
Country China
Year 2018
Award Winner
Affiliation Su Wu Living Goods Co.,LTD
Designer LiuYeQuan, LiYanrong
English ORBIKE is a public bike rental system can be found everywhere in city’s public space. The upper half is a transparent window in the shape of semi-circular shape, in which bikes of various styles and accessories are placed. And its unique appearance is easy to identify in bustling city. The lower part is specialized for warehouse and storage of bikes can be made in a short time by accessing the slider structure. Having varied preferences for bicycles, users can, by touch screen on ORBIKE, choose different styles of bikes with various colors, and select diverse accessories including seat package, hand grip, rear lights, etc. to substitute.
Native 在繁华的城市里,如何在有限的公共空间里规划一个公共自行车租借系统是个难题,而一个更加节约地面空间的公共自行车系统更为重要,ORBIKE是一个城市公共自行车租借系统,遍布在城市各个公共空间。 不同的人对自行车有不同的喜好,ORBIKE能让用户通过触控屏幕选择不同款式与不同的颜色的自行车,还能选择不同配件进行替换,例如车坐包、手握把手、车尾灯等……,如果你是拿着档的可以选配车篮子,如果你是带有儿童,可以选配自行车儿童座椅。 ORBIKE能更 好的利用公共空间,上半部分为半圆形状的透明橱窗,摆放着不同款式的自行车和配件,通过旋转让人们直观的进行选择,同时独特的外型能在繁华的都市里更好的辨认。ORBIKE 的仓库可存放24辆不同款式的自行车,10种零配件、8种商品和5种经过消毒的骑行装备。ORBIKE还能为使用者提供头盔、墨镜、手套等经过消毒的骑行装备。能为使用者提供一些商品,例如运动饮料、毛巾、这样就不用到处寻找便利店。 ORBIKE还预留了维修井盖,能让工作人员维修同时还能批量进行存取更新。ORBIKE的仓库通过紫外线灯进行消毒,还设置有通风系统,能让自行车保持干燥


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