MOJ Coffee

Extra Form
Country China
Year 2024
Affiliation Thinking Design
Designer Xiaoyong Wu
English Despite this, the location of the building is advantageous, as it sits on 1,000 acres of rice fields with no unnecessary structures surrounding it, and it is surrounded by mountains and bamboo forests. Rather than demolishing the existing building and constructing a new one, the design team chose to renovate it by taking advantage of its existing architectural features and terrain. Large areas of floor-to-ceiling glass are used indoors, giving a panoramic view of the outdoor rice fields and blurring the boundaries between indoors and outdoors, allowing people to immerse themselves in nature.
Native 项目坐拥1000亩稻田,建筑周边没有任何多余构筑物,四周群山环绕,竹林遍布。我们利用原有建筑特点和地势,没有将房屋进行拆除新建,而是进行改造。先将原有的人字形屋顶拆除,将建筑层高提升,做成一个平屋顶,然后在方形的屋顶上加一个人字形的屋顶,让两个屋顶之间形成一个夹角,这样更有助于建筑的自然通风,起到屋顶保温的作用。人字形屋顶一直延伸到马路对面,在视觉上让建筑一分为二,像是被道路”切“为两段。改造后人字顶得屋面用绿植覆盖,与四周环境相融,让建筑“消失”在稻田中。白色的墙体与周边的绿色形成强烈的反差,室内局部采用大面积的落地玻璃,让室外的稻田尽收眼底,也模糊了室内外的界限,让人能近距离的感受大自然。
Positive Comments
Judging Comments MOJ Coffee, by Xiaoyong Wu, received the 'Grand Prize' at Asia Design Prize 2024 for its innovative approach in blending the building seamlessly with its rice field setting, demonstrating exceptional commitment to sustainability and environmental harmony. The jury was particularly impressed by the project's choice to renovate using the existing landscape and architecture, utilizing floor-to-ceiling glass to merge indoor and outdoor spaces. This not only preserved the natural beauty but also created a unique experience for visitors, showcasing how thoughtful design can foster a deep connection with nature while advancing eco-friendly practices in the hospitality industry.
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