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Country China
Year 2024
English Situated on an L-shaped site, the store features a facade crafted from gray rocks embedded with glass. Employing bold design techniques, this composition not only creates a striking visual effect but also demonstrates the brand’s distinctive and memorable identity. The design captures the essence of a natural mountain. A luminous installation in the shape of the brand's skeleton logo is placed on the rugged surface, forming a unique brand atmosphere in the external environment to invite customers into a setting that encapsulates the spirit of Vancouver's mountains and forests.
Native 项目场地呈L型直角,外立面运用灰色岩石与玻璃嵌合,通过大胆的设计手法形成震撼的视觉感,打造品牌独特的个性和记忆点。设计还原自然山体,骨架形logo发光装置立于凹凸纹路的界面上,在外部环境中形成始祖鸟独特的场域氛围,引导顾客进入温哥华山脉森林的情境之中。 空间寻求着一种人与自然紧密结合的关系,以艺术创新的方式演绎户外精神。在门店仰角位置,穿过通透的玻璃立面,巨型枯树根植入场景之中。本案坚持材料的可持续性应用,在悬空的楼梯平台处,设计团队将工厂回收的废弃锈板打造一个高达2米的松果艺术装置,与贯穿而上的大树根相呼应,营造强烈的艺术氛围。 团队从森林里寻找倒塌的枯树,将废木切片,用玻璃包裹成装饰立柱。年轮脉络记录着大树在生长过程中经历自然环境的磨砺,这种坚韧不拔的意志,与始祖鸟“突破极限,向上而生”的精神不谋而合。 24系列产品陈列区框架结构采用木质材料,不规则山体的展台底座从细节上呈现户外感。山林岩洞造型设置在二楼山地课堂区域,木桩矮桌、布艺沙发及装饰地炉,打造了木质感的休息环境,让消费者在品尝咖啡的同时,聆听攀岩界大师分享,通过品牌宣导拉近距离。 眺望京城,巍峨的古建筑群与天空融为一体。本案从该意向中提取屋檐瓦片元素应用于VEILANCE商务区域外立面,以诠释中国古建筑风貌,展现始祖鸟品牌的文化性与包容性。灰色金属和水泥材质营造硬朗的空间氛围,衬托城市环境户外产品的气质。
Positive Comments
Judging Comments The ARCTERYX Flagship Store Sanlitun's triumph in securing the 'Grand Prize' at the Asia Design Prize 2024 is a testament to its groundbreaking design that marries architectural innovation with the brand's deep connection to nature. The store's facade, a masterful interplay of gray rocks and glass, not only achieves a stunning visual appeal but also embodies the rugged allure of the natural world, aligning seamlessly with the brand's ethos. The strategic placement of a luminous installation shaped like the brand's logo against this backdrop not only reinforces ARCTERYX's identity but also creates an inviting atmosphere that mirrors the majestic landscapes of Vancouver, making it a deserving winner for its exceptional integration of design and brand narrative.
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