Extra Form
Country China
Year 2018
Award Winner
Affiliation Process Brand Evolution Limited
Designer 时腾飞
English Thermos, founded in 1904, is the leading manufacturer worldwide of insulated food and beverage containers. Thermos is willing to integrate art into the details of everyday life. Bauhaus, a symbol of pioneer art and freedom exploration, has been popular all over the world in 1920's to 1930's. It is one of the most influential design concepts in the field of art, architecture and design in 20th Century. Inspired by Bauhaus, Process integrated their representative elements—basic geometric form and three primary colors into the pattern, to salute the influence and contribution of Bauhaus founders on modern life, industrial design and other fields.
Native 于1904年创立的膳魔师目前已成为全世界最大专业高真空不锈钢家庭用品系列制造及销售集团。膳魔师自诞生之日起就致力于将技术融于生活,同时也更加愿意将艺术结合到日常生活的细节之中。 象征着先锋艺术与探索自由的包豪斯于二十世纪20/30年代开始风靡全球,它是20世纪艺术、建筑、设计领域内最具影响力的设计理念之一。Process普罗以包豪斯为灵感来源,将其代表性的构成元素-基础几何形体及三原色,创新地融入保温杯图形设计中,设计了Thermos Bahus Style ”Less is More”系列商品,以致敬包豪斯奠基者们对现代生活、工业设计等领域带来的影响和贡献。

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