Extra Form
Country Korea
Year 2018
Award Winner
Affiliation eiot
Designer Jang Hyungjin
English Paper is a wooden product made of wood fiber. Production of wooden goods emits less amount of carbon dioxide than aluminum, iron, and concrete. Using a large number of wooden goods for a long time can slow down the speed of carbon dioxide emissions into the air. OCTA is furniture which assembled three cardboards. Because cardboards are light and easy to handle and recyclable they can minimize environmental pollution. The structure in which 8 triangular pyramids are intercrossed and matched each other evenly disperses weight. As the height is adjustable it can also be used as a stool or a table and is portable.
Native 종이는 목재의 섬유질로 만들어지는 목제품이다. 목제품을 만들 때는 알루미늄, 철, 콘크리트보다 적은 양의 이산화탄소를 배출한다. 목제품을 오랫동안 많이 사용하면 대기 중으로 탄소를 방출하는 속도를 늦출 수 있다. OCTA는 3장의 골판지를 조립하여 만든 가구이다. 골판지는 가볍고 다루기 쉬운 재료이며 재활용할 수 있기 때문에 환경오염을 최소화할 수 있다. 8개의 삼각뿔이 서로 교차하여 짜맞춤 방식으로 이루어진 구조는 하중을 고루 분산시킨다. 높낮이 조절이 가능하여 스툴 또는 테이블로 사용할 수 있으며 휴대가 가능하다.
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  1. A Bleached Office in Taipei


  3. icicle : reusable eco-friendly drinking straw

  4. DOMA-Lobby Stretched

  5. Centaline Sales Center

  6. Crafted Urban Flat in Taipei

  7. Echigo TOKImeki Resort SETSUGEKKA

  8. Family Life Reimagined

  9. FUKURACIA Marunouchi OAZO

  10. Future style

  11. Himejima shrine | Sanshuden

  12. Le Lien


  14. Mody Road Garden

  15. Passageway for compressed time

  16. Soundrise Headquarter

  17. Vaisseau Mère CarPark

  18. 該吃漢堡 GUYS BURGER

  19. Gyubang Culture and Art - wisdom of life and beauty of use

  20. Mind The Gap

  21. PHYCOS Consultant Brand Design

  22. Sesi (All the time in the world)


  24. Thermos Bauhaus Bottle Pattern Design

  25. Women’s Life Brand, AUDREY SUN

  26. Zero Zero Recycle Brand Design

  27. AirQuality

  28. Message from the sky

  29. TSUTSUMU card case

  30. All in one fire fighting

  31. BalloonDock

  32. Clipspringer Seating Family

  33. Dab

  34. Furniture

  35. Holo cap

  36. IMPALA-Bicycle Intelligent Components


  38. Morph

  39. OCTA

  40. Organism II

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Sketchbook5, 스케치북5

Sketchbook5, 스케치북5

Sketchbook5, 스케치북5

Sketchbook5, 스케치북5