Extra Form
Country China
Year 2018
Award Winner
Affiliation Fujian Putian Semsx Information Technology Co.,Ltd.
Designer Gu WeiMIng
English This is a smart wearable device developed specifically for football players. Shoe smart chips can be recorded in real-time athlete's athletic data, according to the speed, sprint frequency, distance and other key indicators of big data analysis and draw the heat distribution map of the stadium to keep abreast of the layout of athletes have any problems, Help coaches adjust tactics and adjust player playing order in time. The smart soccer shoes provide athletes and coaches with reliable and real data, guide them to find athletes training weaknesses, help athletes and the team improved overall kicking ability
Native 这是一种专门为足球运动员开发的智能穿戴设备。 植入鞋子的智能芯片可以实时记录运动员的运动数据,根据速度,冲刺频率,移动距离等关键指标进行大数据分析,并绘制出赛场的热力分布图,及时了解到运动员的布局动向是否有问题,帮助教练及时调整战术及调整球员上场顺序。 这款智能足球鞋为运动员和教练提供可靠真实的数据,引导他们发现运动员训练弱点,从数据的角度调整战略方向,帮助运动员以及球队提升了整体的踢球能力
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