Extra Form
Country Chinese Taipei
Year 2022
Affiliation White Studio
Designer Wen Lang Cheng, Chia Yi Lee, Xuan Pei Hong, Yu Cheng
English Drew inspiration from the theory of track construction and placed elements related to programming within the retained and continuous circular flow system. The central concept of the design can be separated into three parts, signal pit, axis, and areas; related elements can be seen in the area of “Experience each of AI’s key points,” the spatial arrangement, and the circular traffic flow. Moire coat is applied massively to create a neat and clean spatial tonal. Separated the main walls from the ceiling; the gap made between eliminates the sense of pressure and draws daylight into the space that adds layers and a sense of aesthetic.
Native 身為教育者的業主表示:「我們想營造一個不同以往的AI互動教育空間 。」設計團隊有鑑於此,將整體空間的設計核心以Track Construction光碟製作原理作為發想,在富有秩序且連續的環狀流動系統裡,以程式產物呼應Track Construction構造,彷彿意象了人工智慧(AI)時代的來臨。而其中的設計核心更可分成三個大方向延伸,分別為「訊號坑」、「軸線」與「區域」,依次呈現在場域間的「各個AI重點體驗空間」、「區域空間配置」與「環狀動線」;使用者步入其間,僅需依照路徑指引,便能循序漸進地自由穿梭在各個體驗學習站。有別於以往設計走向傳統且制式的多功能教室,採用的是半開放式的空間設計,大面佈展的彩紋漆(MOIRE COAT),為空間注入俐落、簡鍊的空間調性;其中本次更特地透過拖開的施作手法,將主軸牆面與天花板分開,騰出的間隙不僅消弭了室內厚重的壓迫感,更因此能引入自然光照,形成光影錯落的空間層次與美感。
Positive Comments
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