Touring Torch

Extra Form
Country Germany
Year 2024
Affiliation School of Art Berlin Weissensee
Designer Edwin Arman Huhn
English The Touring Torch is an augmented ski pole. It was created to save lives in a bright environment with at times bad visibility. It works in combination with an app, that compares the route data to avalanche risk maps of the region. A bright LED display, embedded in the pole grip, shows data without being disruptive. Warnings alert you if you stray off route or enter avalanche-prone areas. A simple gesture system lets you assess data like danger predictions, current elevation, the time, and safer alternative routes. Compact and user-friendly, it enhances your skiing adventure without disrupting the silence of nature.
Native Touring Torch ist ein smarter Skistock. Er funktioniert in Kombination mit einer App, die die Routendaten mit den Lawinengefahrenkarten der Region vergleicht. Ein helles LED-Display, das in den Stockgriff eingelassen ist, zeigt die Daten an. Es ist auf die grelle und teils neblige Sicht auf Gletschern optimiert. Es warnt den Nutzer, wenn er von der Route abweicht oder in lawinengefährdete Gebiete eindringt. Ein einfaches Gestensystem ermöglicht es, Daten wie Gefahrenvorhersagen, die Höhe, die Uhrzeit und Alternativrouten zu evaluieren. Das kompakte und benutzerfreundliche Gerät bereichert Skiabenteuer, ohne die Stille der Natur zu stören.
Positive Comments
Judging Comments The Touring Torch, an augmented ski pole with an integrated LED display and app connectivity for avalanche risk assessment, has received high praise for its innovative approach to skier safety. Its ability to provide real-time data and warnings without disrupting the skiing experience or the natural environment has been recognized as a significant advancement in outdoor sports technology. The device's user-friendly design, offering essential information through simple gestures, alongside safer route suggestions, has been lauded for enhancing both safety and enjoyment in skiing adventures.
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